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Francine's experiences with psychic phenomena began at the age of four, when she would tell her mother who was on the phone before her mother would answer it. Also, she would tell her mother who was going to die and warn her about people. Her mother was also psychic. And her mother never discouraged her for being psychic. Being Roman Catholic no one talked about those things. She is now recognized in her hometown Catholic church.

Her mother was a widow with eight children to raise and Francine was the youngest. And she was only two years old when her father died. Through the years, her psychic abilities came and went. It was the death of her mother, who was also her father figure that brought out her psychic abilities. She was seeing, and hearing things that she did not understand. Her two children, Pamela and Lou could not understand what was going on with her. Francine’s husband Frank then took her to the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach, VA. There she was told that she was truly psychic. And she was to find a teacher that could help her understand her psychic ability.

She then turned to internationally known psychic Phil Jordan. He helped her understand her psychic ability more and to get involved with psychic detective work. She then attended many spiritual groups. Today, she is an internationally known psychic.

Her mother appeared to her one night, and told her she would do this work for the rest of her life, and read for people from all over the world. Francine then went on to do psychic readings, house parties, and public appearances. She also does dinner shows and taught psychic awareness classes for twelve years.

For fifteen years she had her own radio show called Insights of Mind on stations WAUB and WMBO in Auburn, New York. She appeared on TV shows. She has worked on police cases for private investigators including the Atlanta Georgia children murders in the 1980’s. She received a certificate from Lee Brown of the Georgia task force.

Some of the murder cases:

Julie Monson Murder - Auburn, NY
Young College Girl Murdered
Of all the Psychics on this case, Francine was the only Psychic that predicted "The body would be found in the Montezuma Swamp", The others all said "A swampy area".
Harris Murder - Dryden, NY
A whole family murdered.
Francine predicted where the killer lived.
Francine was called for Court TV's Psychic detectives and Psychic Investigators for the A&E Channel. Also, Francine has her own column in the Psychic observer magazine "Ask Francine".
She did benefits for Jerry Lewis to raise money for MD. Francine is one of the most sought after psychics and her success testifies to her abilities. She also has been in the National Examiner magazine. She was also on the Dion Warwick Psychic Friends Network, where she read for celebrities, authors and others. Francine has a vast amount of followers and welcomes new clients.
"Everyone has free will, so a person can alter any reading and change it." Francine most of all enjoys helping people.
Francine has participated in many Paranormal expos along with Internationally known ghost hunters, psychics and authors of paranormal books.
Francine also has been a guest on Internet radio shows such as  Second Sights, The Farkas Files on Empower Radio with host David Farkas, and other radio shows.
Francine is noted for being in The New York Daily News for her clues involving the murder of a fourteen year old girl that was murdered in Queens, Long Island.

Francine’s radio guests have included well-known psychics from all over the USA, including:
  • Ann Fisher, psychic author, Albany, New York.
  • Norm Basile, psychic ghost hunter, who also gives tours to haunted houses. Chicago, IL
  • Daniel Logan, author,
  • Tony Leggette, Psychic for the National Examiner Magazine. Florida
  • Phil Jordan, Psychic

Francine’s dinner shows and lectures have been featured at such places as:
  • Diana’s Restaurant –Auburn, New York
  • Springside Inn-Auburn, New York
  • Fund Raiser Rotary Club, Liverpool, New York
  • Lecture and readings, hairdressers association-Auburn, New York
  • Fund raiser and psychic fair, American Cancer Association Syracuse, New York
  • Haunted Hay ride Cayuga, New York
  • Lecture Auburn Community College Auburn, New York
  • Lecture General Electric Auburn, New York
  • Jerry Lewis M.D. Fund raiser, Syracuse, New York
  • Plus many schools etc.


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