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One of Francine’s favorite things to do is ghost hunting. She does this whenever possible. Here are some of the places she’s been.
At the Wayside Inn in Elbridge, New York, where there are a few spirits who love to play jokes on people. There is a spirit of a bartender whose name is Harry, he shuts off lights then turns them on runs water and hides people’s belongings, he does return them. Then there is a maid named Sara who likes to hang out in the ladies room. She will be in a stall next to a lady and you look down you can see a pair of legs hear the toilet flush but no one comes out of the stall.
Fort Hill Cemetery which is one of the oldest cemeteries in Auburn, John Foster Dulles and William Seward are buried there. Francine took a group of her students there to get spirit voices on a cassette tape. They visited a grave site of an Indian chief named Chief Logan you could hear the beating of drums and it was a peaceful spot. Now they went into a section where criminals are buried. Which was not a good thing to do because Francine’s husband started poking a stick into one of the tomb stones and all hell broke loose the spirits in loud whispers kept saying Get Out, Get Out and they started to push them you never seen people run to their cars as fast as they could go. This is on the tapes.
Francine has been to Gettysburg, Pa. where there are many spirits of soldiers and one can sense them everywhere. Plus, she has been to many other haunted places including the William Seward house in Auburn, New York.
Francine does have warnings about playing with Ouija Boards. They are very dangerous. Unless you are thoroughly protected and know what you are doing, don’t use it. Francine does not even herself play with one because a person can contact evil spirits and it’s difficult to get rid of them. If you see the movie “Witch-board” you will never play with the Ouija Board again.
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